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Getting combos from your device

There are various ways to get the required carrier combinations from your device. Information for many mobile phones is available below.


We cannot accept screenshots of applications like NetMonster, Cellmapper or NSG to demonstrate combos.

For more logging methods, please check CA Combos' contribution page. Most formats supported by CA Combos are also supported by my site.

Submit combo info for your device

Use the form below to submit information about your device to our website. If your submission is not complete, your combos may not be published.

Device log

Maximum file size is 25 MB. If your file is larger than this, please use a file transfer service, like Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox Transfer and place the link in the box below.

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Some device logs may contain sensitive and personally identifiable information.

When you submit your device log to this form, it will be sent securely to our site administrator. Logs are stored and used purely to retrieve device capability data and are never shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

Any submitted files may be stored to allow them to be reprocessed in the future to extract additional data, or to fix issues with previously processed data.

Under UK and EU GDPR, you have various rights surrounding your personal information. If you think you may wish to execise these rights in the future, please provide your email address, otherwise we will not be able to link your identity to any submissions and will be unable to process your request.

For full details about how we store, handle and process your personal information, please read our privacy policy. Our privacy policy was last updated on 15 April 2023.